In  May  the club moved again after the White Lion closed down (in spite of following the accountant's advice). Its new home was the Lincoln Arms, just across the river, where there was a homely upstairs room comfortably furnished with old bus seats.  

The last guest at the White Lion, Mr Bonko, was one of the most disappointing performers ever to appear at the club and stayed asleep under Sully's chair for the entire evening. Still, at least he didn't start barking.

A surprise member of the audience in June was Nic Jones, still slowly recovering from his injuries, who came along to see Martyn Wyndham Read.

John Sykes put a lot of effort into publicity this year (click here to see just how much)

Feb 2
Random Band

March 1
Paul Metsers

April 5
Sully and Suzie Sullivan and Mr Bonko

May 3
Maurice and the Minors

June 7
Martyn Wyndham-Read

July 5
Steve Turner

Sept 6
Dave Whetstone and Jean-Pierre Rasle

Oct 4
Chris Coe

Nov 1
Singers night

Dec 6