The celebrated its 10th anniversary by having big upheavals in its management. Mike Stevens stood down in April, following which the club acquired an actual proper constitution with  a Chairman, Secretary, AGMs and all that serious stuff. The constitution is available here (beware - tedious) and the minutes of the meeting which decided on it can be found  here (even more tedious). Den and Lyn Smith became secretary and treasurer and ran the show until November when Dany Dalley took over as secretary, assisted by Alb Dalley as the treasurer.

This year saw the club's one and only venture into larger scale concert promotion with the appearance of the Gregson and Collister Band at the civic centre. Sheila Robson, the features writer for the Spalding Guardian and a long-time supporter of the club, wrote a history of the last ten years which you can see here.

Jan 5
Swan Arcade

Feb 2
Keith Hancock

March 2
Spring Chickens

March 15
Gregson and Collister Band at South Holland Centre 

April 6
Higgledy Piggledy Band

May 4
Maurice and the Minors (and 10th birthday celebrations)

June 1
Les Barker and Kesteven Morris

July 6
Slim Panatella and the Mellow Virginians

Sept 7
Dave Burland

Oct 5
Dab Hand

Nov 2
R Cajun

Dec 7
Kelly's Heroes