Amid concerns about the falling audiences at the Lincoln Arms, a solution presented itself:  the South Holland Centre offered us a new home in  their upstairs bar, a comfortable accessible space with air conditioning and not a dog in sight. Flossie was the first guest to appear here in April, one of a sparkling line up of guests which also helped to boost the audience numbers.   A highlight among these was the extra night with Richard Shindell, one of only a handful of UK club dates he added after completing festival bookings in the summer.

Ties with the Lincolns Arms weren't completely severed - a monthly tune session in the downstairs bar there started in May, with enthusiastic support from the pub.

Return visits to the Sheep Fair and to Moulton Mill also kept the show on the road.

3 Jan
Singers night

7 Feb
Pete Coe

7 March
Anthony John Clarke

Flossie Malavialle - first night at SHC

2 May
Dan McKinnon

6 June
Joe Topping and Joe Wright

4 July
Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher

2 Aug
Singers night

29 Aug Richard Shindell

5 Sept
Patsy Matheson and Becky Mills

3 October
Mary Humphries and Anahata

12-14 Oct
Lincolnshire Harvest with Jez Lowe,  422, Pigeon English

7 Nov
Bella Hardy and the Askew Sisters

5 Dec
Pete Morton