After he started our Facebook page  the previous year, Paul Brightman joined the committee officially in 2012 as publicity officer for social media, and Spalding folk club proved it was properly across the new technology, with the new page generating lots of interest.. 

Another great guest list this year, with John Kirkpatrick pulling in a massive audience in August, normally a thin month.

4 Jan
The Willows

1 Feb
Ewan McLennan

7 March
Steve Turner

4 April
Donal Maguire

2 May
James Hickman and Dan Cassidy

6 June
Horizontal Sunday

Singers Night

1 Aug
John Kirkpatrick

5 Sept
Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher

3 October
Pilgrims' Way

7 Nov
Martyn Wyndham-Read

5 Dec
Roger Davies